Yakumaru zigen ryu ( jigen ryu )


Zigen ryu ( Jigen ryu)

DVD 薬丸自顕流剣術

Yakumaru zigen ryu ( jigen ryu ) kenjutsu Toshiyuki ITANI

Language : Japanese


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Yakumaru jigen ryu  kenjutsu Toshiyuki ITANI

Kenchin YAKUMARU is the founder of this technique. Born in Satsuma Domain (Kagoshima Prefecture), he learned kenjitsu Jigen-ryu with his grandfather. He later created the kenjutsu Nodachi Jigen-ryu at the time of Sengoku (1477 - 1573) to which he integrated the techniques of his family, the technique of Nodachi (the great sword).

This style is characterized by a very powerful first strike, supposed to break the sword of the enemy and slay the latter in stride.

DVD directed by ITANI Toshiyuki, student of ITO MASAO, the successor of YAKUMARU JIGEN RYU.

The contents of this DVD

- Kiso (basics)

- Kihon genri

- Yokogi uchi

- Kakari uchi

- Nuki

- Uchimawashi

- Nagabokuto

- Kodachi

Language : Japanese



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