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  • Yukata for man
    In the kimono, there are a lot of class. The yukata is a summer kimono, a daily kimono, as a shirt. (Yukata can not put the traditional ceremony.) And, There are 2 kinds of Yukata: -To sleep or rest at home .. (As pajamas.) -For Out, we put with a traditional obi. We are all Yukata Yukata for went out, not to sleep.
  • Kurumé Banten

    Kurume is a city Kyushu.Le fabric "Kurume gasuri" is known in Japan, weaving is handmade. This is a traditional square pattern for quotidienne.Le Kimono fabric is excellent and pleasant to the touch Kurume & nbsp;. Inside there is cotton, a lot of volume, even at the neck, like it hot.

  • Samue
  • Kimono,Haori
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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items