• bokken made in japan

    Bokken NIDOME made in MIYAZAKI

    High quality Japanese Bokken, artisanal production.

  • Japanese Iaito


    Our Japanese supplier manufactures IAITO in the traditional way.

  • aikido keikogi hakama iwata


    We offer the best IWATA equipment  for Japanese Aikido.
    Best prices and shortest delivery time.

  • armour antique yoroi kabuto

    YOROI KABUTO - Japanese Armour

    We offer rare antiques in very good condition at the best price.

  • bag bokken

    Bokken Bag

    Cases for Bokken, Jo and Tanto original manufacture of Sinonome-japan.
    Original sword bag, elegant, made with real Japanese Kimono fabric.




Our Japanese Shop SINONOME JAPAN offers great quality Japanese equipment at best prices, delivered directly from Japan as quickly as possible!

Important!!! (update 2021.03 .31)

Due to the CORONA virus, some countries have suspended international flights.
The Japanese post office will not be able to send parcels to 160 country from April 09.
Parcels by post are very late. (Sometimes 3 weeks)
By DHL, some agencies are closed temporarily, but we can ship packages.

Thank you for understanding.

More info herehttps://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html