Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art descended from Kenjutsu in which bamboo swords called "Shinai" and armor (bogu) including various protections are used:

- a metal grid protecting the kendoka from the head to the shoulders - and under which is placed a tenugui - called "MEN"
- gloves going up to the forearms called "KOTE"
- the breastplate covering the trunk, called "DO"
- protection for the lower abdomen and the upper part of the thighs called "TARE"

These guards were created in order to avoid injury while performing combat sequences at real speed.

Today, kendo is an extremely widespread sport in Japan but also abroad and tournaments are regularly organized around the world.

Our suppliers SANKEI is the Kendo specialist and is also an official supplier of the Japanese Kendo Federation.

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  • Keikogi

    We offer Kendo equipment by SANKEI, very well known among kendokas in Japan, at the best prices.

  • Hakama

    Hakama are large pleated pants for the practice of martial arts. Here we offer Hakama from SANKEI, Kendo specialists and official suppliers of the Japanese Kendo Federation. Our Hakama are adapted to the movements of Kendo and made in Japan.

  • Accessories

    Accessories for kendo. Made in Japan. Our Japanese products are durable and of good quality.

  • Supporters

    Our supporters for KENDO protect effectively your knees, elbows, wrists and are adapted for different types of problems to practice the "way of the sword" comfortably. Our knee pads, elbow protectors and TABIS are very effective, durable and comfortable.

  • Shinai

    Shinai is a bamboo sword for Kendo.

    Our Shinai are made in Japan and of an excellent quality.

    A shinai is a bamboo saber - sometimes made of carbon - used in Kendo, made of four bamboo slats tied together with leather straps.

    It is used during training performed at real speed to limit the risk of injury thank to its flexibility, which is not the case with a bokken (bokuto) or an authentic katana. In addition, a quality shinai will naturally be very resistant to shocks.

    It is very important to take care of one's shinai and inspect it meticulously before and after each training session to identify any splinters or cracks.

    Our Shinai are made in Japan in the traditional way and are of excellent quality.

  • Tsuba

    Tsuba and Tsuba dome for Shinai

  • Tenugui

    Tenugui is a rectangular cotton fabric put on the head to practice the Kendo.

    It is a multi-purpose fabric.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 136 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 136 items