Covers or bags to carry your Bokken, Iaito, Zori or other small items like laptop, keys etc ...

Many models are original SINONOME with beautiful fabrics of Kimono or Yukata.

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  • Katana Bag

    Carry case for Katana, Japanese sword.

  • Bag for bokken jo

    Carrying case for wooden weapons; Bokken, Jo, Tanto and Shinai.

  • Zori Bag

    Cover for Zori (flip flops). It is a Japanese purse, a small bag with cord closure, called Kinchaku in Japan.

    These bags are the perfect size to transport your Zori.

  • Passport bag

    This little bag is designed to carry personal affaires like passports, money, medicines, cosmetics etc...

  • Shinai Bag

    We offer covers for Shinai of Kendo of different materials, dimensions and colors.

  • Naginata Bag

    Carrying case for Naginata.

  • Hakama bag

    In this bag can put Hakama, Obi and also Zori. SINONOME created this bag for the practitioners of Japanese martial arts.

  • MOKUJU Bag
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Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items