Obi and Belt

Obi and Belt

Obi and belts specially designed and made in Japan for the practice of Japanese martial arts AIKIDO, IAIDO, KYUDO, JODO, JUDO, KARATE ... We offer a wide range of obi and belts of excellent quality with different patterns, colors and materials. Solid, durable, resistant, fades very slowly.

Our company has established special ties with various Japanese suppliers specializing in martial arts equipment and has even become the only official representative of the famous brand Iwata, whose masters of Aikikai Honbu Dojo in Tokyo use the uniforms - keikogi, hakama, ...

We also offer quality customer service and handle your inquiries in Japanese, French, English and Spanish.

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  • Obi for women

    Obi for women are for the traditional Japanese daily clothes such as kimono and Yukata.

    The school KOBAYASHI uses this type of obi for Aikido.

  • Kaku obi

    Kaku obi is a traditional Japanese belt for Kimono and Yukata (kimono in cotton).

    It is also suitable for practicing Japanese martial arts and is very popular among practitioners of Iaido, who use it to put on their katana. However, practitioners of Aikido, Kyudo or Naginata also appreciate its aesthetic appearance.

  • Belt

    SINONOME offers black and white belts for aikido, judo and karate. Made by our Japanese suppliers IWATA and ANSHIN SHOKAI in a traditional manner, these belts of very good quality can effectively maintain keikogi, offering practitioners a better comfort during their training. We are the only distributor of IWATA products in Europe and therefore we offer the lowest prices and the shortest delivery times.

  • Aikido / Iaido Obi

    These obi are designed and manufactured specifically for the practice of Aikido / Iaido. Very thin and long, they are wider than the belts, but narrower than Kaku obi. Once you wear one, you will feel comfortable during your training.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items