Nihon Tenugui

Tenugui Yowatari no gokui

手ぬぐい 世渡りの極意

世渡りの極意 -Yowatari no Gokui

Cotton 100%

Size: 36 x 90cm

Tenugui is a multipurpose Japanese traditional towel used in kendo, for cooking and in a wide variety of areas. It is also a simple and original gift.

You can wrap it around the neck or wear it on the head when practicing Kendo.

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Tenugui Yowatari no Gokui (Secret of success in life)

Good agreement with the family.
Pray together for Buddha
Respect your ancestors
Thank your parents,
Thank the earth and nature,
Give your time without return
Respect others,
Be modest
Work well,
Be generous,
Be patient,
Be calm,
Do not get angry,
Talk with moderation,
Live long,
Do not complain,
Do not be critical
Do not be jealous,
Do not keep grudges,
Do not gossip,
Do not get angry,
If you live in envy, you will be hurt,
Honesty and kindness give success.

How to wear Tenugui on the head for Kendo.


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