Nihon Tenugui


Tenugui Chidori navy blue

手拭 千鳥 紺

Tenugui Chidori (plover) navy blue

Size: 36 x 90cm

Cotton 100%

Tenugui is a Japanese traditional towel.

It is made of cotton fabric of plain weave.

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Tenugui Chidori (plover) navy blue

Cotton 100%

36 x 90cm

Chidori (plover) is a bird whom we see often at the seaside.

Chidori  means auspiciousness for a harmonious couple and peace in the family.
In addition, “千鳥 CHIDORI” can be written “千取CHIDORI", which means literally "we win thousand”. This double meaning is used as a pun to wish victory or the accomplishment of a goal.

How to wear a Tenugui on the head for Kendo.


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