Nihon Tenugui

Tenugui-Shin Gi Tai

てぬぐい 心技体

心技体  Shin Gi Tai

Cotton 100%

Size: 36 x 90cm

Tenugui is a very practical traditional Japanese textile that can be used in many differents ways.

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Tenugui- Shin Gi Tai

Cotton 100%

36 x 90cm

Shingitai :It is is one of the fundamental components of the spirit of Budo. Shin means "spirit". If Budo practitioners have bad thoughts, they have a bad influence on society. Gi refers to WAZA (technique). If you destroy your opponent using only power, it brings to combat. Tai means "physical". According to Morihei Ueshiba, the mind works like a laser and the physical works through this laser. If one is not fully aware of the spirit, the physical does not move and the Waza does not work. It is for this reason that the spirit / waza / physical set is very important.

Tenugui is a multipurpose Japanese traditional towel used in kendo, for cooking and in a wide variety of areas. It is also a simple and original gift.

You can wrap it around the neck or wear it on the head when practicing Kendo.

How to wear Tenugui on the head for Kendo.


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