Kenjutsu-Nodachi jigen ryu

DVD 古武道シリーズ 野太刀自顕流剣術

" Kobudo " series - Nodachi jigen ryu kenjutsu by ITO Masao

Language : Japanese


This technique is for a large sword like Jintachi, originally developed in the Era of Heian (794 - 1185).

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" Kobudo " series - Nodachi jigen ryu kenjutsu by ITO Masao

Nodachi Jigen-ryu: one of the two most famous kenjutsu of Kagoshima Prefecture. This style is characterized by a very powerful first blow, the goal being to break the sword of his opponent to directly reach the latter.

Kenchin YAKUMARU is the founder of this technique. He was born at Satsuma Domain (today's Kagoshima Prefecture). His grandfather was a master of Jigen-ryu. After he learned Jigen-ryu kenjitsu, he integrated techniques from his family, the Nodachi technique (the great sword), and created the kenjutsu Nodachi Jigen-ryu at Sengoku Era (1477 - 1573 ).

Hanjiro NAKAMURA also learned this kenjutsu.

The content of this DVD

- Keiko (5 techniques de Kihonwaza)

- Kihonwaza (5 techniques)

- Yaridome (defence against Yari) with Long Bokken

- Yaridome (defence against Yari) with Kodachi

Language : Japanese



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