Itto ryu

Kenjutsu-Onoha itto ryu

DVD 古武道シリーズ小野派一刀流剣術 

" Kobudo " series - Onoha itto ryu kenjutsu

Language : Japanese


One of the main kenjutsu schools that has greatly influenced the modern kendo as well as other schools.

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" Kobudo " series - Onoha itto ryu kenjutsu by SASAMORI Takemi

Founded by Ittosai ITO (1560 - 1632), born in Izu Province. While living in Edo (Tokyo today), he was recruited by the Tokugawa clan and became the kenjutsu teacher of the clan. His school quickly gained notoriety and gave birth to many branches (Nakanishi-ha Itto-ryu, Hokushin Itto-Ryu, Muto-ryu) during the Edo period. Ono's clan calls its school "Itto-ryu" which is the official name.

The contents of this DVD

-Oodachi ( 50-hon )

-Kodachi ( 9-hon )

-Aikodachi ( 8-hon )

-Harai sutegatana ( 7-hon )

-Goten ( 5-hon )

-Tachiai batto ( 5-hon )

Language : Japanese




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