Yagyu shinkage ryu


Yagyu shinkage ryu N°2

DVD 柳生新陰流 第2巻 中級稽古編

Yagyu Shinkage ryu vol. 2, intermediate level - Tatsuo Akabane


Language: Japanese

Demonstration of Kata, detailed explanatiosn of the movements and the context. You can learn more easily some techniques with this video.

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Yagyu Shinkage ryu vol. 2, intermediate level - Tatsuo Akabane

Shinkage Yagyu ryu was a school of kenjutsu that SHOGUN TOKUGAWA practiced.
There were two schools of Yagyu Shinkage RYU: "EDO Yagyu (Tokyo)" and "Owari TAGYU (NAGOYA)"
KATO is the successor of the Master of Owari Yagyu Shinkage RYU. He is the one who transmitted this technique to Tatsuo Akabane.

In this DVD, Akabane explains ancient technique with his son.

The content of the DVD

Sangakuen no tachi

(To wait: there is an attack during lhe waiting): Owari-zukaï

- Enbu (demonstration)

- Explanation of kata (Ippon-me: Itto-ryodan, Nihon-me:Zanteï Settetsu, Sanbon-me: Hankai Hankô, Yonhon-me: Usen Saten, Gohon-me: Chôtan Ichimi)

Kuka no Tachi

(To attack: there is a waiting, an invitation in the attack)

- Enbu (demonstration)

- Explanation of kata (Ippon-me: Hisshô, Nihon-me: Gyakufû, Sanbon-me:Jûtachi, Yonhon-me: Kabuto, Gohon-me: Syôkeï, Roppon-me:Kozume, Nanahon-me: özume, Hachihon-me: Yaégaki, Kyuhon-me: Murakumo)


(waiting/attack/Omoté/Ura: adaptation of attacks of a enemy)

- Enbu (demonstration)

- Explanation of kata (Ippon-me: Kasha, Nihon-me: Akemi, Sanbon-me: Zentaï, Yonhon-me: Tebiki, Gohon-me: Ranken, Roppon-me: Nitô, Nanahon-me: NitôUchimono, Happon-me: Futarigakari)


Language: Japanese


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