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Kobujyutsu Senkotsusouho Nyumon

DVD 古武術「仙骨操法」入門

DVD "Kobujyutsu Senkotsusouho" Nyumon

Shihan:Tatsuo Akabane
Language: Japanese

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DVD "Kobujyutsu Senkotsusouho" Nyumon

With this DVD, you can learn different exercises that will build a body adapted to the needs of Budo.

Content of this DVD

- what is Senkotsusouhou
- what is Senkotsu
- body manipulation of KoryuKenjyutsu
- how to do the best posture
- mobility of shoulder blades and sacroiliac joints
- Concatenation operation centering on Senkotsu
- the ultimate rationality that the body must aim for.
- whole body movements
- for health

Shihan: Tatsuo Akabane

Duration: 50mn
Language: Japanese


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