Hino Budo

Kageden 2-HINO Akira

BAB-HIN2D 日野晃 影伝シリーズ 第2巻

Kageden 2-Akira HINO

Language : Japanese

60 mn

Do you feel that your physical abilities have reached their limits? Do you want to improve your skills in combat sports? This DVD will help you to surpass yourself!

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Kageden 2-Akira HINO

In this DVD, HINO Akira, a quest of BUDO (Japanese martial art ) explains the essence of training of martial arts which does not depend on muscles, either speed.

The content of this DVD

-The training of the strength which does not decline by age

-Feel the unconscious reflection

-The equilibrium point and the relaxation of the knee

-Technical mechanism

-Tsuki (punching techniques), Keri (kicking techniques), Nage (throwing techniques)


Language : Japanese

60 mn

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