Hino Budo

Hino Akira-Bugaku2

BAB 日野晃の武学シリーズ 武学 第2巻

Akira HINO-Bugaku vol.2

Language: Japanese


Akira HINO is looking for the best spirit and the most effective movement in Budo. His point of view regarding relations in Budo is reflected in his training.

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Akira HINO-Bugaku vol.2

Balance between tension and relaxation - This is the real spirit of Budo......

This DVD is second volume of HINO Akira's Bugaku series.

Akira Hino is a seeker on the path of Budo. His training method is based on the relationship between the visible and the invisible and his groundbreaking approach to martial arts gives everyone a chance to progress on his path.


The content of this DVD 

-KIso Kunren (The basic training)

-Sougo Kanren (The relation - know each Other

-Karada wo yawarakaku (The flexibility of the body - Contract) : Aiki / Kumiwaza / Dageki


Language: Japanese


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