Hino Budo

Kageden 1-HINO Akira

日野晃 影伝シリーズ 第1巻

Kageden 1-Akira HINO

Language: Japanese

60 minutes

The new method of master HINO presented in this DVD.

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Kageden 1-Akira HINO 

The spirit is the most important in Budo.

Discover the new method of HINO Akira.

Akira Hino is a seeker on the path of Budo. His training method is based on the relationship between the visible and the invisible and his groundbreaking approach to martial arts gives everyone a chance to progress on one's path.

The content of this DVD

- Unconscious reflection

- Importance of prediction in martial arts

- The modern budo and spirit of martial arts with Five Rings (by Musashi Miyamoto)

- Importance of Kamae
Language: Japanese

60 mn

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