Hino Budo

BUDO no Kaito

BAB HIN-8D 武道の解答 日野晃

BUDO no kaito-HINO Akira

Language: Japanese


Akira Hino is a seeker on the path of Budo. He got his inspiration from ancient Japanese martial arts to create his own method, the Hino Budo.

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BUDO no kaito-HINO Akira

What is a body suitable for martial arts? How can you use your body to defeat your opponent with your bare hands, with a sword or with a stick? To this question, the Hino Budo gives two answers: the "control of the sternum" and the "technique of consciousness". It is precisely because the adversary is a human being that it is essential to learn to use his body and his consciousness wisely.


The content of this DVD " Budo no kaito-HINO Akira"


Language: Japanese


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