Hino Budo


Taijin waza no shinzui-HINO Akira

BAB 日野晃 対人技の真髄

Taijin waza no shinzui - Akira HINO

Language: Japanese


Verification of Budo theories; transmission of power, human and physiological functions.

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Taijin waza no shinzui - Akira HINO 

What is Budo? The whole quest of HINO Akira, one of Budo's great masters today, is to answer this question. The key to his method is the relationship between the unconscious and the movements of the body.

Knowing the unconscious reflection and body movements.

The content of this DVD

- Taiju no ido  (Movement against the gravity)
- Muishiki hansha (Unconscious reflex)
- Ishiki yudo (Consciousness of lead)
- Kougéki Ishiki (Consciousness of attack)
- Ugokasaréru (Moved by partner - with hands)
- Zenshin undo-Bo (the whole body motion with BO)
- Kyokotsu no sosa (control  of breastbone)
- Ugokasareru (Moved by partner - with legs)

Language: Japanese


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