Immediate effect! This is KAPPO - USUI Makoto

即効!これが活法(かっぽう)だ 碓井誠

Immediate effect! This is KAPPO (resuscitation techniques)- USUI Makoto

Language : Japanese


Secret healing techniques from traditional Japanese martial arts.

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Immediate effect! This is KAPPO  (resuscitation techniques)- USUI Makoto 

KAPPO is traditional healing techniques the Japanese warriors have been handed down as a technique to quickly recover the body from injuries on the battlefield and practice of martial arts such as Judo, Jujutsu.

This DVD shows carefully selected seven hands (seven techniques) which you can see the feature of master USUI's techniques. The secrets jujutsu techniques adjust neck, shoulder joint and the hip joint in a moment, then, you do not have any stiff neck, headache, coxalgia, and so on.

Kappo is a set of traditional healing techniques used by Japanese warriors to quickly recover and heal their wounds on the battlefield and when practicing martial arts such as Judo, Jujutsu.

This DVD shows seven techniques carefully selected where you can see the functionality of the Usui master techniques. The secret techniques of jujutsu adjust the neck, shoulder joint and hip joint in a moment, then, you do not stiffen the neck, headaches, hip pain, etc.

USUI Makoto was born in 1950. Studying various manual therapies, he gets to know Kappo and sets up his own healing system, Usui ryu Kappo ho. He will use it for the treatment of many patients and teaches it to his students. USUI Makoto is also 3rd Dan in Judo and 5th dan in Goju Ryu Karate.

The content of this DVD

What is Kappo? - its history and physical point of view

Body outlook: three features of USUI ryu Kappo

The point of view from the body skeleton, the relation between skeleton and muscles (tension theory), the relation between pain and movements

Carefully selected seven-hand virtuosity - explanation / demonstration of treatment

1. KASUMI - Rotation of the neck, the adjustment of the clavicle and scapula
[Symptoms which can be improved] stiff shoulder, stiff neck, whiplash, tenosynovitis, the arm of languor, arm numbness, the pain around scapula, elbow pain, improve range of motion of the shoulder joint
Treatment Overview (Feature1. The tension of the arm limits the range of motion of the neck,  Feature2. To imporove clavicle movements )
Practical guidance

2. KUBIKIRI - Improvement of neck movement range of retroflexion
[Symptoms which can be improved ]
Neck stiff, the neck retroflexion, headache, breathing is shallow
◎  Treatment Overview (Feature1. Mystery of the brain and body,  Feature2. Movement support)
Practical guidance

3. KUBI TAMA (neck ball) - Reconstruction of the body axis (Improvement of side range of the neck)
[Symptoms which can be improved] Stiff neck, neck painshallow breathing, dizziness
Treatment Overview
Practical guidance

4. YUGEN (unseen) - Cervical and thoracic spine of linkage recovery (improvement of the anteflexio range of the neck)
  [Symptoms which can be improved] Stiff neck, shallow breathing
Treatment Overview (Feature1.  Cervical and thoracic spine of linkage recovery, Feature2. Move of starting fulcrum, Feature3. movement support)
 Practical guidance

5. KATANUKI (Shoulder unplug) - Improvement of the range of the shoulder joint motion
[Symptoms which can be improved] pain of the shoulder joint , the shoulder movement by the arm elevation, stiff neck
 Treatment Overview (Feature 1. Relationship between the joint and pain, Feature 2. At first, lock the joints)
 Practical guidance

6. TSUMUJI (hair whorl) - Alignment of the shoulder joint
[Symptoms which can be improved] baseball shoulder, shoulder pain / discomfort
 Treatment Overview (Feature1. The effect by positions  Feature2. Performed on the basis of the test )

 Practical guidance (1. The adjustment to open the joint,   2. The adjustment to lock the joint)

7. Kokatsu (hip joint healing) - Improvement of the range of motion of the hip joint
[Symptoms which can be improved] hip joint pain, weight / languor of legs
 Treatment Overview
Practical guidance

USUI Makoto

Born in 1950. While practicing and researching a variety of manipulative therapy, he encountered Kappo, which is secret techniques of jujutsu, and built his own healing system. As well as treatment for many patients as "Usui ryu Kappo ho", he focused on teaching his pupils. Judo 3rd Dan, Gojuryu Karate 5th Dan.

Language : Japanese



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