Budo towa! N° 2 Axis and Speed NAGANO Masaru

BAB 武道とは! 第2巻 軸と速さ 永野勝

BUDO TOWA! (What is Budo !?) Vol 2. Axis and Speed - NAGANO Masaru

Softness and flexibility, softness and the axis, the ready posture (Hanmi) and straight line, the offense and defense of the cente; you can learn the these importance of through Kata of Taijutsu, Kenjutsu and  Jujutsu.

Language : Japanese


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BUDO TOWA! Vol 2. Axis and Speed -NAGANO Masaru

The Dojo, Jukenraishinkai, researches and practices what the ancent martial arts predecessors had tried to do rather than imitate Kata as  the old martial arts predecessors left behind.

Master Masaru Nagano, who is a representative in this DVD shows that the martial arts are born from the looseness and the axis as the "softness" and "break", and the "speed", through the kata of Taijutsu (physical techniques) and kenjutsu (sword techniques).

In the seconde volume, he shows: soft and minimum motions of receivings, your own body axis and the opponent's, the action to the lower body, studying the movement to cut with the sword, after that, he explaines the meaning of speed at Iaido, jujutsu and kendo.

The content of this DVD

1: Preparation for training - Flexible Uke and the body axe
Flexible Uke
Mae ukemi (a forward breakfall) as avoiding both feet,  Mae mawari ukemi (a forward roll breakfall),
Ride with the movement flow: Mae mawari ukemi (a forward roll breakfall) as avoiding shoulder

Understanding of body axis
Stand in the axis / stand on one knee, See (feel) the axis / wrist drop,
Align the axis / axis to stand, Side Irimi-throw

2: Approach to techniques 1 - the function of lower body
Work to the lower body: Basic
Work to the sacrum (sacrum drop), the function of the hip joint (Unbalancing hip joint),
Workings of the knee (HizaKuzure)
Work to the lower body: Practice
Jujutsu: Ikkyo, kenjutsu: TsubazeriKuzushi

3: Approach to techniques 2 - body movement to cut
Body movement to cut: Basic
Do not rely on the arm to cut with a sword / Arm holding, cut the shoulder, cut the wrist
Body movement to cut: Practice
 ZanjoKuzushi, Tekaigaeshi, Manjukuzushi

4: Seeking the true speed - eliminate the movement of light and shade
 ◉ Jujutsu : KiriKuzushi
 ◉ Kenjutsu: Kirikuzure
 ◉ Iaijutsu: Kesagiri

Language : Japanese


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