How to use “KI” power in AIKIDO- SUICHI Kazuaki

必ず掛かる! 柔らかな合気 須一和晃

How to use “KI” power in AIKIDO- SUICHI Kazuaki

Time: 75min.


Control your breathing, calm your mind, relax and transcend the power of the body through KI (the energy of the universe).

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How to use “KI” power in AIKIDO- SUICHI Kazuaki

No matter how fast your opponent moves or how fast his punch is thrown, a technique coupled with good KI can be used in any situation thanks to the "ultimate flexibility" of Aikido! Master SUICHI Kazuaki, former professional competitor in Muay Thai, explains how to defeat his opponent by breaking it from his "core" with flexibility.

The content of this DVD

I) What is Isshinkan-Aikido: to emphasize  "the power of thinking, energy"
Soft techniques

Breakout from the core

For Maai (distance and rythm) and attack

Reaction to fast punch

II) Description of technique
1) Atemi (blow) technique
 Front Ate (blow)
Reverse stance Ate (blow)
 Entering throw

2) Joint Lock techniqeus
Ude osae / arm pin (First teaching)
Arm-return (Ude-gaeshi)
Forearm-return (Kote-gaeshi)
 Kote hineri / rotational wristlock (Third teaching)
 Four-direction throw
 Kote Mawashi / pronating wristlock (Second teaching)

Time: 75min.


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