Budo towa! Vol. 1 NAGANO Masaru

BAB 武道とは!第1巻 永野勝

BUDO TOWA!  (What is Budo !?) Vol 1. NAGANO Masaru

Softness and flexibility, softness and the Axis, the ready posture (Hanmi) and straight line, shoulder padding and shoulder venting, the offense and defense of the center

Language : Japanese


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The Dojo, Jukenraishinkai, researches and practices what the ancent martial arts predecessors had tried to do rather than imitate Kata as  the old martial arts predecessors left behind.

Master Masaru Nagano, who is a representative in this DVD shows that the martial arts are born from the flexibility and the axis as the "softness" and "break", and the "speed", through the kata of Taijutsu (physical techniques) and kenjutsu (sword techniques).

In the first volume, he shows how to do receiving techniques, consciousness of the joint and the shaft, body form, and the footwork, you will learn the shoulder techniques, the Kata training. These techniques are about the center line.

The content of this DVD

1: What is keiko (training) - to work together
Importance of Uke (Receiving techniques)
Martial arts is an information warfare: honest reaction,
Transmitted pressure / no transmitted pressure
The bad Uke (receiving): part relaxation, opposite slope
What is a natural response: be aware of the axis and not strain,
Protect the center

The condition in which technique is applied
Attention to the setting conditions,  shoulder Shini-tai
Restraining center of the body

2: foundation of training - to start the practice
Body control
softness: relaxation of muscles and the body axis
Knee relaxation: replacement of foot (foot movement)
Elbow relaxation: Gassho-age, basic Suburi with bokken (wooden sword)
Flexible Uke: Mae Ukemi (a forward breakfall), Ushiro ukzmi (a backwards fall)
The ready posture (Hanmi) and a straight line:
Body sword match: Enter by Hanmi
Foot movement: walking method, conversion

3: Approach to technique (1) - stuffing and avoid the shoulder
Entering of shoulder
Jujutsu: Ikkyo kenjutsu: Kodachi-Ukeguruma
Shoulder avoiding
Jujutsu: Shukaigaeshi kenjutsu: Maki-tachi
Entering and avoid the shoulder
Seated technique: Kotegaeshi (forearm return), Kenjutsu: Kotegaeshi (forearm return)

4: Approach to technique (2) - offense and defense with the half body and the center line
Enter to attack by the half body
Jujutsu: Ikkyo Kenjutsu: Kodachi-Henmato
Block the center
Jujutsu: shukaikaeshi Kenjutsu: Ryokaku (Two swords' corners)
The ready posture (Hanmi) and the center line
Seated technique: Kotegaeshi (forearm return),
Tachiwaza: Chudanzuki Kotegaeshi  (the middle Tsuki - forearm return)

Language : Japanese


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