KURODA Tetsuzan


Gokui shinan N°3

古流武術 極意指南 第3巻 四心多久間流柔術

Gokui Shinan vol.3 KURODA Tetsuzan

Language : Japanese


Learn the importance of KATA, which is the key of your martial art's improvement.

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Gokui Shinan vol.3 KURODA Tetsuzan

Jujutsu KATA of Shinshintakuma-ryu school.

Shinshintakuma-ryu jujutsu was developed in Toyama Domain (Toyama prefecture).

The origin of this school was established by Saichô; a monk of Heian era and a founder of Tiantai. Today the KURODA family, which was in Toyama Domain pass on the technique and Tetsuzan KURODA teaches theis jujutsu in Saïtama prefecture.

As making large motion, you can realize the motions which require the opposite conditions at the same time like you can move faster, more efficace, maximum and minimum. It is the mystery of the law of physical movement in KATA.

KURODA Tetsuzan : President of Shinbukan Kuroda dojo and Soke of 5 schools of kobudo ; Tamiya ryu iaijutsu, Komagawaka i shin ryu kenjutsu, Shishin takuma ryu jujutsu, Tsubaki kotengu ryu bojutsu, Seigyoku oguri ryu sattukatsu jutsu


The contents of this DVD " Gokui Shinan vol.3 "

-Shishin takuma ryu jujutsu

-Skill practice : Ukemi, Fue no maki

-Pupils demonstrations

-KURODA Tetsuzan demonstration : Fue no maki, etc.

Language : Japanese



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