Jujitsu - Sekiguchi shinshin ryu

BAB BCD2 関口新心流柔術

Kobudo series-Sekiguchi shinshin ryu jujitsu

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Kobudo series-Sekiguchi shinshin ryu jujitsu

Shinshin Sekiguchi ryu was founded by Ujimune Sekiguchi (1598-1670).

This school has mainly 3 diciplines; Jujutsu, Kenjutsu, Iaijutsu.In jujutsu, many of Judo Uke's techniques came from Sekiguchi-ryu techniques.

The technique of SEKIGUCHI Shinshin Ryu is "To use the force with flexibly. "

The foundamental  philosophy and body movement is "adapt to the other".

In other words, this technique does not use force against force, but rather uses the strength of the opponent by reacting like flowing water.

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Language: Japanese


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