Kito ryu Jujitsu

BAB BCD65 起倒流柔術

Kobudo-ryu Kito series directed by Yukishige Uchino

Language: Japanese


Morihei Ueshiba, Manei TERADA and Jigoro Kano were students of this school!

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Kobudo-ryu Kito series directed by Yukishige Uchino

The founder of Kito Ryu Jujitsu, Toshifusa IBARAKI I, trained with YAGYU Munenori and the Monk Takuan in OKAYAMA.

At the end of the EDO era, this school welcomed students who became very famous afterwards: Morihei UESHIBA, Manei TERADA, Jigoro KANO, ...

Our DVDs of great Japanese masters will allow you to better understand the essence of Budo, a term that refers to the Japanese traditional martial arts as a whole.


The content of this DVD

-Omote 14 Hon

-Ura 7 hon


Language: Japanese



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