KURODA Tetsuzan


KURODA Tetsuzan -Gokui shinan N°7

DVD 黒田鉄山 極意指南7巻

Gokui shinan vol.7 KURODA Tetsuzan

Language : Japanese


Presentation of the  Japanese martial arts using a staff called bo: Bojutsu

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Gokui shinan vol.7 KURODA Tetsuzan

Bojutsu of Tsubaki Kotengu-ryu, developed in the area of Toyama (prefecture of Toyama).

Around 1602, a man named Tsubaki Kotengu was teaching Bo's technique (long stick) at Toyama Domain. Other techniques using other weapons were also taught but Bo's is the only one to have survived through the ages.

There are 3 different lengths of bo: 1.4m, 1.8m and 2.3m


The contents of this DVD " Gokui shinan vol.7 "

-Tsubaki kotengu ryu bojutsu


-1-honme : Modoribane

-2-honme : Sei

-3-honme : Kotetsuke

-The explanation of technique

Language : Japanese



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