Bokken Niten ichi ryu Oak-Musashi


Nitenichi-ryu (Miyamoto Musashi's school)

Replica of Miyamoto Musashi's bokken

Made of Japanese Oak and made in Japan
Very light, adapted for one hand
Weight : about 350-390g
Length: about  102cm

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¥ 5,700

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-ryu (Kenjutsu school founded by Musashi Miyamoto)

This Bokken is the replica of Musashi Miyamoto's bokken for Nito ryu (with two swords)

White Oak / Red Oak

Weight: 350-390g
Length: 102cm
Tsuka size: 2.3 x 3.2cm

It is very thin, light and flexible.

Shimada Museum of Arts (in KUMAMOTO prefecture), where you can find the real bokken that Miyamoto used, asked for a reproduction of the original to NIDOME Bokuto.

These bokken are made from Japanese oak from Kyushu (the southern part of Japan ) by NIIDOME Bokuto Craft Company at Miyakonojo, in Kyushu. This company represented more than 80% of the bokken manufacturing market in Japan. Miyakonojo keeps the traditional way of manufacturing, such as  drying the wood naturally in order not to destroy the fibers of oak; therefore our bokken are solid and robust and can be used for a long time. NIIDOME Company uses the wood taken from 70 years old trees.


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