Miyamoto manufactures Tenugui since 1949 in OSAKA.

Manufacturing Tenugui

-Tisser Sarashi white cotton fabric 100%


Cotton "WAZARASHI", Wazarashi is a technique for bleaching cotton.The cotton fabric is bleach to remove impurities.

Yozarashi is also a bleaching, technique. This process does not take  so much time unlike WAZARASHI, about 40 to 60 minutes. But it gives the tensions and heat to the fabrics which damage the cotton fivers.  

Wazarashi takes 4 days without pressure to keep the form of cotton fibers.  So, the quality keeps the same condition before bleach. Even after washing, weaving is not shrunk. The keikogi Aikido Anshin Shokai has a good reputation established by the Japanese Aikido practitioners. The inner fabrics are softer than the outside. Pants fabrics have a high quality cotton which is woven over the extra-fine.  This weaving is very soft

-La teinture 注染 CHUSSEN par pièces.