Engraving Wooden Weapons

Engraving-Wooden Weapons

Burning on wooden weapons.
We engrave your name and / or family name on your bokken, jo or tanto up to 5 alphabets.

The workshop is a Japanese wooden laser engraver specialist.

**If you need help for an engraving in Japanese, please contact us.

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about 7 days

¥ 1,000

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Engraving-Wooden Weapons

We can engrave a family name or first name on a bokken, jo or tanto.
A burner specialist workshop at TSU (MIE) will engrave your wooden weapon with a laser machine.

You can engrave japanese characters (Kanji / Hiragana / Katakana) on the bokken or jo or tanto.

One character is about 1 cm.
If you want to put a bigger one, please contact us.

Up to 5 alphabets,

From 6-10 alphabets, put quantity 2.

From 11-15 aphabets, put quantity 3 ..

* For Bokken / Tanto, choose side: left or right.

** Please indicate in the commentary, which syllable (Hiragana, katakana and Kanji) you want.

***If you want to engrave on the blade, please specify a place in the comment field before order validation.

If you do not know Japanese and need our help, please contact us.


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