IWATA. CO.LTD (Iwata Shokai) is one of the few specialized aikido clothing  shop in Japan. There are many kendo, judo and karate clothing shops in Japan. However, even in Japan there are a very few Aikido specialized shop. One of the best shop is IWATA.  IWATA has manufactured martical arts' garment especially Aikido Dogi et Aikido Hakama at Tokyo since 1917.  The founder of Aikido, Morihhei UESHIBA was established his DOJO at Wakamatsu-cho, Tokyo, IWATA supplied the Aikido materials to AIKIKAI.

Today, their great-grandson or the fourth generation works always with great passion. Because foreign customers order  IWATA's Dogi and hakama more and more, he listens to their needs. Foreign customers' needs are not always the same as Japanese ones. He adapts the seams Dogi and hakama. SINONOME also listen to customers' needs and communicates with IWATA. For example, because some customers torn their hakama during a seminar, we communicated this problem to Iwata, then Iwata modified the seams with double stitch to improve its endurance. Since this change, we no longer hear this problème. Iwata continues to improve keikogi and hakama with us. That is why, our Dogi and hakama are "special Iwata" that are really suited our Western customers. Iwata always improves their quality of Dogi and hakama by testing their products with the Aikikai students in Japan and students YAMADA sensei in the United States.

About IWATA's LOGO (2 folded fans),  it was designed by Jigoro Kano Shihan, a martial artist and a founfer of Judo.  Mr Mankichi IWATA was a friend of Jigoro Kano Shihan. At the time, the company manufactured dogi for judokas.

The quality of their products because it is really adapted for Aikido, not for Judo or Karate either:
fabric strength, comfort,  the  finishing seams .... all details meet the needs of the movement of Aikido
Even more, the diversity for seasons such as light,thin and soft dogi for Summer but very duradable and Hakama for winter which is warm, confortable, thick enough but not so heavy even for women use it for their daily training and the different colors, different quality for adapting each usage. 

These clothes are popular among Japanese Aikidoka, we wanted to give the opportunity
to all Aikidoka to know its products and its quality.  SINONOME was signed on 13/02/2004
a trade agreement with IWATA.CO for sale internationally and .
SINONOME is the only shop which can  officially sell the IWATA's produts overseas.

"I have worn an Iwata's dogi since I practiced aikido at AïIKIKAI to Hombu Dojo in Tokyo, for over 50 years.
    The keikogi of the company is speficically designed for the aiïkido practice,
    I feel myself comfortable. That's why, I always wear it. "

Nobuyoshi Tamura  in 2003

"I have always worn an Iwata's hakama since 40 years. I remain a loyal customer of IWATA.
   Many American practitioners also appreciate the quality of its hakama "indigo cotton."
   I have never ironed my hakama, the creases are not wrinkled and stay in place. When traveling, I wear a dogi Lightweight (1K), it is very light, robustness and dries very quickly. As it is very ligh it does not have so much volume in my luggage.  Its touch ot the skin is also very soft. "

  New York Aikikai-Yoshimitsu YAMADA in 2004


"I have worn since I started practicing Aikido. Why don't I wear other brands?
    Because when I put the IWATA's dogi, I am confortable and I can practice comfortably. "

Aikikai Hombu Tsuruzo Miyamoto in 2005


"Why do I wear only IWATA's dogi and hakama? Because they are so confortable.
                           The other brands' dogi are not the same. "

Aikikai Hombu- Mariko TAKAMIZO in 2005