We are glad to announce the opening of our second web site in Japan!
We would like to offer our products with reasonable prices to all people who practiceJapanese martial arts all over the world.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and find products that suit to your needs!

Founder of SINONOME (FRANCE) YUMIKO KONO has very good relations with YAMADA sensei (NY AIKIKAI),Miyamoto sensei(AIKIKAI HOMBU), Funakoshi sensei(YAMAGATA AIKIKAI), FUKAKUSA sensei(THAI AIKIKAI), the sensei of AIKIKAI, etc ......

In 2003 TAMURA Sensei suggested selling Hakama and Keikogi IWATA to
She followed several internship in France and Europe.
In 2002 ,Master Nobuyoshi Tamura proposed Yumiko to sell and develop  IWATA products in France.
In February 2003, aftera year of preparation, Yumiko created the website : .
For 10 years, SINONOME has followed TAMURA sensei, YAMADA sensei and other masters at several national and international seminars of Aikido 
Since 2013, SINONOME develops the international market together with NETHINK.
In August 2015 SINONOME created a n online shop in Japan.

SINONOME JAPAN propose high quality products to japanese martial arts for market International.
-Hakama and keikogi IWATA (official mark of AIKIKAI, we are one official dealer since 2003.)

-Bokken NIDOME (NIDOME manufactures wooden weapons for the Minister of Defonce, master of KOBUDO etc ....)

-KENDO equipment and MATSUKAN of Anshin-SHOKAI
(JAPAN Team KENDO of champions use material MATSUKAN.
The great master of the Nagoya uses material Anshin-SHOKAI.
2 are well known company in Japan.)

-Many Traditional and artisanal material : GETA, ZORI,TENUGUI etc ......

Our Japanese equime always chechent quality and great service to our customer.
We will try to improve the maximum.


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514-0832 MIE, JAPAN

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