NIDOME Bokken Onoha Itto ryu Oak (Heavy)


Onoha Itto ryu bokken - Oak (Heavy)

White Oak / Red Oak

Weight: 750-800g

Length: approx. 98.5cm

Onoha Itto ryu is an ancient Japanese martial art school (Kobudo).

Made of Japanese Oak and made in Japan.
When you touch this Bokken, you can see its naturally smooth surface.

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Bokken Onoha itto ryu / Japanese Wooden sword katana

White Oak / Red Oak

Weight : 750-800g

Lengt: approx. 98.5cm

The kissaki (point of a sword) is round.

The blade is slightly curved.

The weight of this wooden sword is a little bit higher than the one of standard bokken.

These bokken are made from Japanese oak in Kyushu (the southern part of Japan ) by NIIDOME Bokuto Craft Company at Miyakonojo in Kyushu. This company keeps the traditional way of manufacturing, such as  drying the materials (wood) naturally in order not to destroy the fibers of oak; therefore our bokken are solid and robust and can be used for a long time.


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