Kenjutsu-Seia ryu

DVD 雖井蛙流剣術

" Kobudo " series - Seia-ryu kenjutsu by OTA Yoshito

Language : Japanese


Seia-ryu kenjutsu, inherited by Tottori Domain, has been designated by Tottori Prefecture as an intangible cultural asset.

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" Kobudo " series - Seia-ryu kenjutsu by OTA Yoshito

Seia-ryu: created by Kakuma Fukao, master of Taisha-ryu, Shinkagé-ryu, Toda-ryu, Bokuden-ryu. He was born in Ikeda clan at Okayama Domain. Ikeda clan's territory was modified and the clan and Fukao were moved to Tottori domain.

Fukao taught not only techniques but also the spirit of Bushi that every Samurai must know, as well as mental training. He developed techniques of counter-attack from all the schools where he trained such as Shinkage-ryu, Bokuden-ryu, etc.

The content of this DVD

- Tachino kata

- Shakujo

- Inazuma

- Kyokuryu

- Kodachino kata

- Tettei

- Enfu

Language : Japanese



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