Kenjutsu-Shinto munen ryu

DVD 古武道シリーズ 神道無念流

" Kobudo " series - Shinto munen ryu kenjutsu by SAEKI Sojiro

Language : Japanese


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" Kobudo " series - Shinto munen ryu kenjutsu by SAEKI Sojiro

Shinto Munen-Ryu: fouded by FUKUI Heiemon Yoshihira between 1751 - 1764, it is the second largest Kenjutsu at the time of Edo (Bakumatsu).

FUKUI Heiemon Yoshihira was born in Shimotsuke no kuni (today's Tochigi prefecture). After traveling and fighting all over Japan, he reaches the peak of his own kenjutsu and creates the Munen-ryu Shinto. At the time of the second successor, TOZAKI Teruyoshi, the school had more than 3,000 students and was growing rapidly in the Kanto and Tokai areas. The majority of the students were Rônin and farmers and there were few Bushi.

In 1850 it was practiced in all parts of Japan. This was the second largest Kenjutsu school using shinai and gears after Jikishin Kage-ryu. During the Meiji period (1868 - 1912), its influence was very important and it later became one of the bases of modern kendo. NEGISHI Shingoro and NAKAYAMA Hakudo have helped to transmit these techniques to the present day.

The content of this DVD

-Shoden kumitachi 5hon

-Chuden kumitachi 7hon

-Hida 10pon

-GokaGokei 5hon

-Tachi iai 1pon

Language : Japanese



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