Kenjutsu-Kurama ryu

BCV 8 DVD-鞍馬流剣術

" Kobudo " - Kurama ryu kenjutsu by SHIBATA Tetsuo

Language : Japanese


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" Kobudo " - Kurama ryu kenjutsu by SHIBATA Tetsuo

Kurama-ryu or Shogen Kurama-ryu was founded by Ono Sogen in the Tensho era (16th century). The 15th successor, SHIBATA Emori became a martial arts teacher in the police services of the Japanese Empire during the Meiji era. He was a member of the Kendo Kata Committee of the Empire of Japan in 1911. The 7 kata of Nihon Kendo Kata were designed on the basis of Kurama School.

The 17th successor, SHIBATA Tetsuo, taught this technique at the "SHUSEÏKAN" dojo in Tokyo.

The content of this DVD

-Mokuroku no koto

1-3 bon me

-Koden no koto

4-7 hon me

Language : Japanese



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