Suio ryu

Iaijutsu-Suio ryu

DVD 水鴎流武術

" Kobudo " series - Suiou ryu Bujutsu by KATSUSE Mitsuyasu

Language : Japanese


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" Kobudo " series - Suiou ryu Bujutsu by KATSUSE Mitsuyasu

Created by Yoichizaemon MIMA (1577 - 1665) during the Sengoku period. Since his early childhood, Master Mima has been training constantly in Bokuden-ryu Kenjutsu and Hayashizaki-ryu Iaï. After 20 years of intensive training, he created his school, Suiou-ryu. His 9th successor, Shinzaemon FUKUHARA, added Masaki-ryu Kuzarigama technique. It is a very comprehensive school including techniques of Iai, Kenjutsu, Kusarigama, Jo and Naginata.

Today, the style includes many KATA: IAI kenpo: 48 kata, Kenpo: 15 kata, Naginatajutsu: 40 kata, Jojutsu: 42 kata, Kogusoku: 10 kata and Kusarigama: 16 kata.

This school is characterized by a practice with an opponent to be well prepared for a fight in real life. Its headquarters are in Shizuoka Prefecture.

His 14th successor, Mitsuyasu KATSUSE, passes on the techniques and spirit of SUIO-ryu in this DVD.

The contents of this DVD

- Shoden goyo no kata

- Chuden goin no kata

- Daimokuroku

- Kage no den

- Jo jutsu

- Masaki ryu kusarigama

Language : Japanese



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