Daitoryu Aiki jujutsu -MAKITA Shudai

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大東流合気柔術 幸道会 実録 堀川幸道の合気

Daitoryu Aiki jujutsu -MAKITA Shudai

Duration: 60mn


Student of Master HORIKAWA, MAKITA Shudai continues to teach a smooth and effective Aikido in the footsteps of his master.

This DVD shows archive footage of HORIKAWA Kodo.


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Daitoryu Aiki jujutsu -MAKITA Shudai

HORIKAWA Kodo started Daito Ryu Aiki Jujitsu in 1914 with Master TAKEDA Sokaku. He created his own school, "Daito ryu Aiki jujitsu KODO Kai", in Hokkaido. He is often considered the last grand master of Daito ryu Aikijujitsu.

This DVD contains sequences where Master HORIKAWA, who is over 60 and over 80 years old, easily projects three opponents who attack him.

MAKITA Shudai is a student of HORIKAWA master. He founded the KODO KAI Tokyo in 2002, seeking to perpetuate the Aikido of his master, smooth but effective.

Content of DVD:

- Katate-kata Katate-tekubi mochi Aikinage

- Ryote-tekubi mocha Aikinage

- Katate sotote-tekubi mochitenokaeshi Aikinage

- Ryote Ryokata mochikata Aiki

- Ryote Mune-tori Aikinage

- Ushiro Ryote-tekubi mochikoshi Aikinage


Duration: 60mn


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