Kenjutsu-Jikishinkage ryu

DVD 古武道シリーズ 直心影流剣術

" Kobudo " series - Jikishinkage ryu kenjutsu by OMORI Sogen

Language : Japanese


The Jikishinkage-ryū style is a descendant from the old kenjutsu styles that flourished during the Muromachi period (1336 - 1573).

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" Kobudo " series - Jikishinkage ryu kenjutsu by OMORI Sogen

Jikishinkagé ryu: the first Kenjutsu to use Shinai and gears (Bogu) during training.

The origin of this school is the Shinto Shrine of Kashima (Kashima-jingu), which developed kenjutsu using shinai and gears and started Uchikomi-geiko during the Edo period.

The basic kata is Hojo kata which consists of 4 kata with certain ways of breathing (spring, summer, autumn and winter).

The content of this DVD

- Kodachi husei

- Fusei

- Suisei

- Kirite kaeshi

Hojo kata

- 1pon me : Spring (Hasspu Happa)

- 2hon me : Summer (Itto ryodan)

- 3bon me : Autumn (Uten Saten)

- 4hon me : Winter (Chôtan Ichimi)

Language : Japanese



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