Katori shinto ryu

Tenshin shoden katori shinto ryu-SUGINO Yoshio

DVD SUG1D 天眞正傳 香取神道流

Katori shinto ryu SUGINO Yoshio

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Katori shinto ryu SUGINO Yoshio

SUGINO Yoshio was 10th dan and had the title of Hanshi. He was a student of Kunisaburo IIZUKA in Judo and Saneatsu MATSUBUSA in kendo. By order of Jigoro Kano (1860 - 1938), Saneatsu MATSUBUSA and Morihei Ueshiba (1883 - 1969) taught judo and Aikido to SUGINO. He published a book, "Teaching the Martial Art of Tenshin Shiden Katori Shinto-ryu" in 1941. The Federation of International Martial Arts awarded the 10th dan to Master SUGINO in 1982. He was a consultant in KUROSAWA's movies such as The Seven Samurai and The Bodyguard, giving advices for saber techniques.

Katori shinto ryu was created by Ienao IIZASA (1387 - 1488) during the Muromachi period. He is the one who established the concept of Kata and systematized it because at that time, the Japanese martial arts didn't have any.

Katori Shinto-Ryu is the oldest and also the best kobudo school. This school developed not only kenjutsu but also jujutsu, iaijutsu, bojutsu, architecture, astronomy and geography; it is a very comprehensive school.

The contents of this DVD

Gokui iaijutsu(sanka jo)

-Iai jutsu (rokka jo)

-Tachiai jutsu (gokajo)

-Tachi jutsu (omote yonka jo)

-Ryoto jutsu (yonkan jo)

-Gokui gogyo no tachi jutsu (goka jo)

-Gokui kodachi no jutsu (sankajo)

-Bo jutsu (omote rokka jo)

-Naginata (yonka jo)

-Yari jutsu (rokka jo) etc.....

Language : Japanese



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