Nihon Tenugui


Tenugui CHI TOKU TAI black

X102 安信 手拭 知徳体 黒

Tenugui CHI TOKU TAI - black

Cotton 100%

Size: 33.5 x 98cm

Tenugui is a very practical traditional Japanese textile that can be used in many differents ways.

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Tenugui CHI TOKU TAI - black

TOKU:wisdom    TAI: Health

These three qualities are indispensable for BUDO (Japanese martial arts) practice.

The tenugui is a very practical Japanese textile used in kendo, for cooking and in many other areas. It is also a gift simple and original at the same time appreciated by men and women.

You can tie it around your neck or wear it on your head when training Kendo.


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