TAMURA Nobuyoshi

DVD International Aikido Congress in Tanabe 2008 - TAMURA Nobuyoshi

BAB DVD 第10回国際合気道大会 田村信喜師範講習

The international congress Tanabe 2008-TAMURA Nobuyoshi

TAMURA Nobuyoshi :pupil of Ueshiba Morihei, 8Dan of Tokyo Aikikai Hombu

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The international congress Tanabe 2008-TAMURA Nobuyoshi

That congress was held in Tanabe, the birthplace of the founder Morihei Ueshiba. Practicioners from all around the world came to pay tribute to the legendary master.

TAMURA Nobuyoshi was an Uchideshi of Ueshiba Morihei and 8 dan of Tokyo Aikikai Hombu. He contributed hugely to the expansion of Aikido in France and in Europe.

Content of the DVD:

Gyakuhanmi katatedori

kokyunage Gyakuhanmikatatedori ikkyo

Katadori ikkyo Katadori Nikkyo

Gyakuhanmi katatedori sumiotoshi

Gyakuhanmi katatedori shihonage

Gyakuhanmi katatedori kaiten nage

Morotedori kokyunage

Morotedori ikkyo

Morotedori nikkyo

Suwariwaza kokyuho