The 10th international aikido congress vol.1

AKK-1D 第10回国際合気道大会 上巻

The 10th international Aikido congress vol. 1

Language : Japanese


The IAF (International Aikido Federation) organizes an international congress every 5 years.

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The 10th international Aikido congress vol. 1

The congress was a great success with 1'300 participants. This DVD contains the demonstrations of 15 international masters and gives an overview of the many variations of Aikido techniques.

The content of this DVD


- SEKI Shoji (7th dan / Hombu dojo)

- Tony SMIBERT (7th dan / Australia)

- Christian TISSIER (7th dan / FFAAA)

- FUKAKUSA Motohiro (7th dan / Thailand)

- YAMADA Yoshimitsu (8th dan / N.Y)

- YASUNO Masatoshi (7th dan / Hombu dojo)

- SUGANO Seiichiro (8th dan / N.Y and Australia)

- TAMURA Nobuyoshi (8th dan / FFAB)

- YOKOTA Yoshiaki (7th dan / Hombu dojo)

- SUGANUMA Morito (8th dan / Aikikai Kyushu)

Language : Japanese


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