SATO Tadayuki

Tomiki Kenji no Aikido N°1-SATO Tadayuki

BAB TOM1D 富木謙治の合気道シリーズ 第1巻

Kenji TOMIKI no Aikido (Aikido of Kenji TOMIKI ) vol.1 Tadayuki SATO 

Language :Japanese


Tadayuki SATÔ was a student of TOMIKI Kenji, president of Japan Aikido Association (Nihon Aikido Kyokai). He teaches Aikido at Waseda University.

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Kenji TOMIKI no Aikido (Aikido of Kenji TOMIKI ) vol.1 Tadayuki SATO

Tomiki KENJI was born in Kakunodate (Akita Prefecture) in 1900. He practices judo under the orders of the founder Jigoro Kano, then becomes a student of Morihei USHIBA in 1926. He will earn an 8th dan in both disciplines.

His approach to Aikido is essentially based on its effectiveness in real combat and he will work throughout his life on a way to adapt this art to competition. He founded the Japan Aikido Association in 1974 to promote his vision.

Tadayuki SATÔ is a student of TOMIKI Kenji and the president of the Nihon Aikido Kyokai. After graduating from Waseda University, he became a teacher himself. He teaches in several dojo and schools to develop Aikido.

This DVD covers basic movements and moves in Aikido.

The contents of this DVD 

- shisei mukamae hanmi seiza

- kihon no taisabaki,ashisabaki tentai mawashi ashi

- unsoku hô judo unsoku kame unsoku shikko

- tegatana to sono yohô

- tegatana tandoku undô shomen giri maki tsuki

- tegatana no kuzushi nanahon omote ura

Language :Japanese


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