HARI Sunao


Tai no jo N°3-HARI Sunao

BAB HAR3D 針すなお創始 体の杖シリーズ 第3巻

Tai no Jo vol.3 - Sunao HARI

Language: Japanese


This DVD is the third of three volumes of "Tai no jô", which means "Jo of the body".

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Tai no Jo vol.3 - Sunao HARI

Sunao HARI was born in 1933 in Saga. In 1956, he became a manga artist and in 1957 he started practicing Aikido at Aikikai with master Seigo YAMAGUCHI.

Today, he is the Kancho (president) of KODENKAN Dojo and has an 8th dan of Aikikai Tokyo. He is also a renowned Manga artist.

He created the technique "Tai no Jo (Jo of the body)", in which he integrated techniques of Taijutsu and Jo using the jo as a part of the body, with the circular motions of Aikido as a basis.

In the third volume, he shows 20 techniques of continuous attacks.

The contents of this DVD

- Yon no den: Susono, Susono kuzushi, Furiwake, Furyu, Kaeshi jo, Uki jo, Hayatsue (hidari), Hayatsue (migi), Hira jo, Ritsu jo

- Go no den: Yume makura, Kusa makura, Taki otoshi (migi), Taki otoshi (hidari)

- Ko den: Matsu ura (hidari), Matsu ura (migi), So oh (hidari), So oh (migi)

Language: Japanese


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