Chinese Martial Arts

Real Chinese Martial Arts Vol 1- MIYAHIRA Tamotsu

BAB 究める!これが武術だ 第1巻 宮平保

 Real Chinese Martial Arts Vol 1- MIYAHIRA Tamotsu

Language : Japanese


The first foreigner instructor certified by the Chinese Federation of martial arts, Tamotsu Miyahira, teaches and explains in details his combat philosophy and techniques.

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Real Chinese Martial Arts Vol 1- MIYAHIRA Tamotsu 

The reality of Chinese martial arts way of fighting does not lie in a particular school or style. It consists in spontaneously adapt to the opponent's movements and in a succession of continuous attacks - strikes, projections, ..., to finally let the body carry out the attack and defense by itself without going through the thought process.

In the first volume, you can learn various methods of basic Gong, compression methods, how to forge a body adapted to the different movements of Chinese martial arts presented in this DVD.

The content of this DVD

1) Basic Gong:  The entrance to the profound techniques
● A resilient body making: Chinese stretch  (front leg stretch / front lateral / and other stretchings)

● Expand the range of motion at the shoulder (on the back upper side, the back central side, the back lower side)

● Learn relaxation (downhill shake from side to side, to shake in front, behind and crossover)

● Practice for relaxation of body  (the arm relaxation, body relaxation, to control body weight)

● Application to blow (implanting from inside and outside,  implanting from inside and outside)

2) Basic techniques of the legs - move freely the legs
● how to kick as you are stretchin your leg: five techniques (upper kick, side kick, Outer spinning kick, Inner spinning kick, combination of inner and outer spinning kicks)

● knee: four techniques (side kick, front kick, axe kick, low kick)

● To kick as you turn: three techniques (parry with the ankle, to turn in front of the oppornent and parry, to turn to the back of the oppornent and parry)

● jumping kick : four techniques (jumping kick, jumping inner round kick, jumping outer round kick, jumping kick with the both legs)

● training method for thigh/legs 

● thigh /legs techniques

3) Punch - the force of the spiral
training methods (master the movement of the central gravity, master body movement, master internal power, etc)

4) Other attack methods - diverse and intense striking techniques
(use hands like a whip, features of the Chinese martial arts, etc)

Language : Japanese


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