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Real Chinese Martial Arts Vol 2- MIAHIRA Tamotsu

BAB 究める!これが武術だ 第2巻技法応用編 宮平保

 Real Chinese Martial Arts Vol 2: Advance- MIYAHIRA Tamotsu  

Language : Japanese


The first foreigner instructor certified by the Chinese Federation of martial arts, Tamotsu Miyahira, teaches and explains in details the combat philosophy and techniques.

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Real Chinese Martial Arts Vol 2: Advance- MIYAHIRA Tamotsu  

The reality of Chinese martial arts way of fighting does not lie in a particular school or style. It consists in spontaneously adapt to the opponent's movements and in a succession of continuous attacks - strikes, projections, ..., to finally let the body carry out the attack and defense by itself without going through the thought process.

In the second volume, intended to Advanced level practicioners, you will learn to listen to the opponent's energy, walking method, joint lock techniques,technique of chain, and you will learn how to apply the techniques that you have learned in the first volume.

The content of this DVD

1) Ting Jin: feel the enemy's movement and intention
Practice with a single hand <basic> (step 1: defend a blow to the abdomen, step 2: defend a blow to the face)

● Practice with a single hand <change> (step 1: the handling at the reverse side,    step 2: the handling skills at the same side <outside> step 3: practice the handling skills at the same side <from inside>)

● Both hands (step 1: separate the offence and the defence, step 2: free to offense and defense)

● Features of Ting Jin's offense and defense

2) Step method (crossover) - match up of the position and the body
● Techniques with the basic walking (joint lock from Joint lock kick, knee to the pick of the technique, elbows techniques )

Parry techniques with the basic walking (against opponent with a weapon, against a kick using the centrifugal force, against straight kick)

3) Training method of body blow - to progress the body blow
(body blow with arms <parry with waist>, body blow with arms <parry with footwork> body blow with chest,body blow with the back, body blow with the back thigh, body blow as using the whole body, technique example of using body blow)

4) How to put out of force - for the "valiant"
(Energy ... to burst out the energy like a rebounded spring, to emit a force as trembling from the central body line )

5) Joint lock techniques
Captivated technique (Arms from inner side, arms from out, with elbow,  with palm and the chain attack of joint lock)

● Training method (to train the concentration of the moment of force with the sand bags <single / multiple>, interpersonal practice method: to grab the opponent alternately / to grab the opponent from the front hand / to grab the opponent from the behind hand, training method with a pot, finger exercise to improve the power of the fingers : train the force of fingertips)

6) Chain of Attacks: continue to attack the opponent until defeating him
(Example of the chain technique 1, 2, 3, 4: Responding to kick <1>, 6: Responding to kick <2>).
Mixed chain attack of blows, throws and joint locks  (example 1, 2, 3)

Language : Japanese


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