Nihon Tenugui


Tenugui Seigaiha

手拭 青海波

Tenugui Seigaiha(Wave)

Tenugui is a Japanese fabric to use kendo, kitchen and a lot of things, a very useful fabric.

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Tenugui Seigaiha Blue

SEIGAIHA: SEI (Blue) GAI (sea) HA (wave) , which means “The big waves in the sea”.
“SEIGAIHA” is originally an ancient music of ceremony of the court music of Japan
and also was the pattern which had been designed for the dance costume and
been much loved as a symbol of the eternal expanse.

Tenugui is a Japanese towel.
Japanese towel very useful.
We can use many things: Kendo, cooking, wrapping gifts etc ...

Tenugui size: 36 x 90cm

How to wear Tenugui on the head for Kendo.

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