Ippon ba Geta

坂井 一本歯下駄

Ippon ba Geta

Size: 26cm (8 - 9.5 inches)

Height: 14,5cm

Made of KIRI wood

IPPON BA GETA is a shoe to improve the balance of the body.

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¥ 6,900

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Ippon ba Geta

Size: 26cm (8 - 9.5 inches)

Height Geta : 14,5cm

These geta can also be called "Tengu Geta". With one unstable cleat, they allow right balancing of joints and muscles.
Some muscles not used in everyday life will have the opportunity to work regularly through walking with these Geta, which will develop
also the balance of the body.
Today, many BUDOKA (Japanese martial arts practitioners) use these Geta for daily exercise. This practice can also be beneficial for people with bone deformities (spine, etc.)

* The weight does not rest on the heel but between the 1st and 2nd toes.

** At the beginning, the foot protrudes slightly behind but with regular use, the HANAO (thongs) will relax little by little and the position of the feet will move to the center.


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