Uechi ryu

Uechi ryu karatédo vol.2-UEHARA Isamu

BAB UET2D 上地流空手道2 上原勇

Uechi ryu karatedo vol.2-UEHARA Isamu

Language : Japanese


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Uechi ryu karatedo vol.2-UEHARA Isamu

Isamu UEHARA: born 1939 in Okinawa. He started karate at the age of 11. When he was 26 yeas old, he established a dojo in Tokyo. Today he is the director of teaching Uechi Ryu KARATE DO. He is a son Saburo UEHARA who was a high graded student of Kanbun Uechi.

Uechi Ryu was created by Kanbun Uechi (1877-1948). This school comes originally from Shaolin Kung Fu and is characterized by the technique Sanchin and by hardening the body as a shield.

 In this DVD, you can learn various techniques of Uechi Ryu.

The content of this DVD " Uechi ryu karatédo vol.2-UEHARA Isamu"

-Tekubi kara saki no katachi

-Kata to Bunkai

 Taikyoku shodan, Da i ni shinha, Sanro hakushin, Kanshabu : Kanshiwa / Bunkai,

 Dai ni seisan ( Kanshu ) / Bunkai, Seisan / Bunkai, Seichin / Bunkai, Seirui / Bunkai,

 Kanchin / Bunkai, Sanseirui


-Bo Ori

 Itawari, Bo ori, Tetsubo ori...etc


Language : Japanese


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