KURODA Tetsuzan

Chojigen no ho Ken

DVD 黒田鉄山 超次元身体の法 第1巻 剣体編

Chojigen no ho-Kentai KURODA Tetsuzan

Language : Japanese


Understand the meaning of KATA and practice them to improve your kenjutsu level.

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Chojigen no ho-Kentai KURODA Tetsuzan

MUSOKU (secure feet), UKIMI and Juntai ichi (attach part of body); these are fast and almost invisible movements that are the basis of KATA which are performed with soft motions. How does it work? Master KURODA explains the true meaning of KATA and gives an overview of his method.

First volume of the series "Chojigen no ho"

Explanations of 6 techniques of Omote nakadachi (chudachi )Komagawa kaishin ryu technique)

KURODA Tetsuzan : President of Shinbukan Kuroda dojo, and Soke of 5 schools of

  kobudo ; Tamiya ryu iaijutsu, Komagawa kaishin ryu kenjutsu,

  Shishin takuma ryu jujutsu, Tsubaki kotengu ryu bojutsu,

  Seigyoku oguri ryu sattukatsu jutsu

The contents of this DVD " Chojigen no ho-Kentai "


-Komagawa kaishin ryu kenjutsu : 6 techniques

Language : Japanese



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